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Faced with Hair Loss? What to do!

Women with temporary or permanent hair loss, often face a very emotional and disturbing problem. Not all women feel comfortable with the GI Jane look worn by Demi Moore or are attracted to alien-like glamour as shown on TV series like Babylon 5. Women often have misconceptions about wigs. They think they will lookartificial and be uncomfortable. Even just the thought can send shivers!

Fashion Wigs, can change all that. When a woman visits our store, we know the trauma that she can be feeling, so we make sure to put her comfort and special needs first.

Many women wear wigs and you would never know it. Models, actresses, business women, women in public life,women with specialhealth problems...

H.B Short Cut

Short Sides + long layers= Super Style!
The perimeter is rounded to bring the layers to life in a slightly rounded shape overall.

For perfect control, just brush nad go with this versatile style in HairLife Human Hair Blend.

Wispy bangs add a casual touch to the brushed-back look that finishes in a long nape.

Also Available in Synthetic.


Put on a winning smile and this deligtful short style for a new fashion attitude.

Smartly-layerered hair with the new higher crown finishes in a long neck-hugging nape.

Boy-cut bangs are shaped to tickle the brows and add fullness up front. This great cut does all the work to keep styling time to a minimum.

A very smart choice in HairLife Human Hair Blend.

Tips for dealing with Hair Loss

Here are some tips for dealing with hair loss due to health reasons.

  • Find some pictures of yourself with your natural hair the way you liked it. Several different angles would be helpful.
  • It's a good idea to have photographs taken before you start chemotherapy and radiation treatmentswhich often cause partial or complete hair loss. This will help us find a wig which most closely resembles your natural appearance.
  • Consider cutting your hair shorter before treatment begins so if hair lossdoes occur it will seem less dramatic
  • Bring a friend or relative along for moral support if you like.
  • Ask your doctor for a prescription for a hair prosthesis. Private health insurers may pay all or part of the cost of a wig. Income tax allows the cost of a wig as a medical deduction.
  • Consider a synthetic wig. They are comfortable, easy to care for and less expensive than human hair wigs. Easy care is very important.
  • When selecting a wig, keep fit and comfort uppermost in mind, Test the wig by shaking your head several times and bending over. Wear it for at least 20 minutes to make sure it's comfortable.
  • We can alter and size a wig for a perfect fit. Sometimes you may need to wear it at home, and then decide if more adjustments are needed. At Fashion Wigs, we do whatever is needed at no charge. So feel free to call us if you need help after your purchase.
  • We cut and style your wig to suit your features.
  • Care for your wig with products designed especially for wigs.
  • We carry a full line of Turbans designed for warmth at night to ensure a comfy sleep. Dressy designer turbans for daytime wear can be a great retro-movie star look.Be a little daring! No one will know you are hiding anything they will assume you are making a fashion statement.
  • People undergoing treatment may only need a wig for a year depending when the hair grows back. A wig does not have to be an exorbitant purchase. If you anticipate needing one for a short time take that into consideration and purchase a synthetic or synthetic blend.

We can alter and size a wig for a perfect fit. Sometimes you may need to wear it at home, and then decide if more adjustments are needed. At Fashion Wigs, we do whatever is needed at no charge. So feel free to call us if you need help after your purchase.

Enjoy the fantasy of versatile hair.

Fashion Wigs solves hair loss problems for women.
Hair loss, due to chemotherapy or other medications and illnessessuch a Alopecia Areata, is a major concern for women who often do not knew where to turn for help in wig selection.

Fashion Wigs is exclusive Canadian distributor for the award winning Jacquelyn Wig Collection. Our wigs are in tune with the latest fashion:they are versatile, easy to care for and come in hundreds of styles and colors.

Jacquelyn Wigs are completely natural looking and of the highest quality. Fashion Wigs easily dismiss any misgiving's a woman may have about wearing wigs. All clients are treated with care and patience, in a private, comfortable atmosphere. Expert styling and consultation are included with every purchase in order to bring out the best in every woman.

Our 23 years of experience and concern for our clients has earned Fashion Wigs a solid reputation of satisfied customers who greatly appreciate looking great, even during a difficult time.

For more information about Fashion Wigs, you can send us an e-mail now and we will get right back to you. Or call us at (416) 630-7864 for an appointment. Hospital and Home visitations can be arranged.

Women wearing wigs to disguise hair loss during cancer therapy will find a huge selection of the highest quality and very fashionable wigs at FASHION WIGS.

We advise women to stay with their present hair style when undergoing chemotherapy. This allows for a smoother transition and eliminates any uneasiness some may feel when asked "what did you do with your hair?" Most women prefer to retain their own look, natural, familiar and easy!

Do feel free to experiment and express yourself with different ways of styling your wig. Be creative and enjoy the fantasy of versatile hair. Remember, FASHION WIGS is always at your service: we are here to help, so don't hesitate to contact us.